Skyline Art Piece and Going green

I‘ve been working on a Houston Skyline piece for a young couple’s new apartment. Many ideas came rushing to my mind and I was eager to get started!  At 2 feet high and 5 feet wide it’s one of the largest canvas that I’ve worked on so far. The first thing that I thought was that it would look fantastic in a simple monochromatic palette of watercolors. All I needed to do was find the most recognizable view of Houston’s skyline. I really want this pair of lovebirds to fall in love instantly with this art piece so I really had to put my mind to work and see what I could come up with.  My goal is for this piece to be special and to evoke that one-of-a-kind originality.

What is it that’s so beautiful about a skyline? It’s quite a sight, especially when the sun rises or sets behind that cluster of buildings. It’s breathtaking. It’s emblematic. Personally, something captivates me about a skyline’s silhouette framed by a dark, night’s sky speckled and outlined with lights. Far from dormant, it appears more alive than ever and as if was dressed for a special evening. I’ve lived most of my life in Houston and I proudly call it home. I’ve had almost all of the most memorable experiences of my life with its skyline as a backdrop. For example, my first taste of independence was when I left home for college. I was lucky to live on campus at U of H for a couple of years. The first night that I slept at the dorms (shout out to the Moody towers!) on the 13th floor, I felt like I was on top of the world. I gazed out of those large windows seeing the city begin to wake against the night’s sky thinking, “This is the first time that I’ve been this far away from home.” Just in case my siblings are reading this; Guys, I actually missed you so much. It didn’t feel that great to have my own room after all. At least not for another few days. =D

Okay, getting back to this art piece…

One Sunday morning when I picked up the Houston Chronicle from our doorstep I remember thinking about the stacks of newspapers that had been piling  up for weeks waiting to go into the recycling bin. That imaginary light bulb above my head lit up brightly as my gaze locked onto that huge canvas in front of me. I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be really cool if I used the Houston Chronicle to put together that Houston Skyline?” While I was in the spirit of “going green” I thought that it was also a plus to give mother nature a tiny break. Well, the rest is history.

I don’t know about other artists, but I like to keep the process of my artwork to myself. It adds a little magical mystery to it because all you guys get to see is the final piece. It’s no magic at all. The truth is, well…my truth is that we can make mistakes and we shy away from letting others see that before we get that completed piece just right. Lately because of the convenience of having our smartphones well-equipped with good cameras we can share the process in an instant, mistakes and all. I guess I figured, “It really isn’t that bad to show you the process and little mistakes that go into my work before each art piece is finished. So here’s what the first day of working on this piece looked like. It’s currently a work in process. I can’t wait to post the finished piece and I especially can’t wait to see the look on the couple’s face when they see their first commissioned, original art piece. =)

Cutting shapes of each building out of newsprint and assembling them on the canvas was a lot more work than I expected.


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  1. Love the skyline. Who ever gets it is very lucky.
    I love the citrine with amethyst too. Can’t wait to see the rest of the Collection.

    1. Thanks, Ale! =) I enjoyed working on the chakra ones. It was fun to just let go and let the feelings guide me.

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